Regular Exams and Cleanings

Regular exams and cleanings are important to maintain your child's oral health.  Each visit,  we will thoroughly clean your child's teeth by removing tartar, stain and plaque that may have built up since their last cleaning.  The examining doctor will check for areas of decay, evaluate your child's bite, and examine all the soft tissues and gums.  The doctor will also evaluate your child's risk for cavities and discuss their diet and need for fluoride.  Your child should continue regular exams and cleaning based on the doctor's recommendation.

Fun at LPDA!

Each cleaning visit here at LPDA is fun!  Your child will get to choose a new toothbrush to take home and also choose from many different toothpaste and fluoride flavors.  When they are finished with their appointment, they will have a bag of products to help maintain good oral hygiene at home.  They will also be able to pick from our prize basket!  If your child has "NO CAVITIES" at his/her cleaning appoitment, they will receive a NO CAVITY CLUB certificate along with an entry form for MOLAR MIKE!  Each month we will do a drawing for a fantastic prize!

Download our Dynamite Dental Fun Kit!


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